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Changes Tracker faulty

I’ve not made anywhere near as many contributions to the site as you guys so if you’re looking at pages of your data, you’re likely asking the system to retrieve more records and therefore the queries will take longer.

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I had time to check today. I have 3429 pages each with 50 interactions. This means when I click m’changes tracker, it trawls for 171450 entries. I am surprised it works at all!
However, far more than half of those represent my OWN Activity which is duplicated in the Activity Tracker. Correcting (re-coding) that would make Changes work a lot faster for everyone.

Oh dear! This has started happening again this afternoon.
Edit: … and other parts of the site (eg the UK & Ireland Observations List - No results found) also seem to have taken an early Bank Holiday.

Yes, grumpy for a couple of days.
Some things take and age, other parts are quick to respond.
21:30 31st running just OK…

Perhaps the servers are off dancing around the Beltane fires with those nice units from the NHM?
Happy May Day!

the Servers of May is a good title but when they come it is a bad omen.
interesting that we (I) can click on an Ob. in the ‘Help with’ display and wander about unmolested.
Indeed, once in the ‘Help with’ region I can progress to the whole site - so it seems to be a fault with opening the Recent Obs region.

Nothing that includes observations loads - everything else seems OK. There’s been multiple outages over the last 24 hours. I’m wondering if we have a broken or “dodgy” observation record that’s become a spanner in the works…

I’ve just restarted the database server and although the top carousel on the home page, plus the observations list page, did eventually load, they’re both still extremely slow.

Site currently offline while I check all of the database tables…

Thanks for your work here specially on a Sunday at home Chris. We have come to rely on iSpot for indoor recreation- TV is so rubbish!
Maybe if iSpot was cleaned of -
Observations without photos, or sound recordings or excellent descriptions
Observations made by users absent for more than 2 years and without a likely banner
Observations older than 12 months and with NO ID
Observers who never look at their tracker
Observers who avoid responding to comments
Observations with phone photos on their sides
Observations in the UK Community but outside territorial waters
All the Moths in the Moth Pit
The damned Quizzes
then the site might run more smoothly
Name withheld