Changes tracker missing things

For a while I have noted changes to my posts that the tracker hasn’t recorded. Today, it has apparently missed an agreement and a comment added to this one:

Might it be caused by the fact that, due to small image sizes on the phone, I usually post/agree/comment via PC, only using my phone to check the status of posts?

If someone adds an identification to an observation you have contributed to, you get a notification in the changes tracker. But if someone removes an identification, you don’t get a notification. Indeed, it appears that if X removes their identification, it also removes the notification in Changes tracker that X ever added an identification. Have I got this right, and is this how it should work?

Normal users can’t remove identifications. My impression was that you get a notification when an agreement is added. You don’t get a notification when the agreement is removed, but I think that the original notification stands.

You are right - when I said identification, I meant agreement. But it seems (n = 1) that someone removing their agreement has also removed the notification that they had agreed previously. This is important. If I have posted an observation to get a second opinion and someone agrees with me, that becomes an important part of the record. So if they later change their mind, I want to know about it.