Changing signature

I’ve tried several times today but each time I want to finalise via Edit Profile I get a 500 error.

is that on main site or forum, a number of people were reporting 500 errors for a while then they resolved i think.

Those 500 errors were odd.
They were on the home page but not on the profile page or your own observations.
Some other parts of the site had them too.

It was via my Edit profile on the main site. I tried again yesterday and got the same. Haven’t given it another go yet today.

Probably best to send me a screenshot showing the error etc

I’ve tried to attach a screenshot here 6 times so far today. I will send it direct as it doesn’t work.

I got your screenshot via email, thanks. I also tried editing my signature and it worked. I wonder if anyone else is having this particular problem, if not then something odd might have got into your profile. If that is the case then only programmer can sort it out.
Is everything else working, just signature can’t change?

Mike, I’ve just had another go (5th April) and amazingly, it worked.
Thanks for your time with this. Goodness knows why I had the problem over a couple of days.

There was an problem recently caused by a network issue. iSpot became completely unavailable a couple of times and I was messaged by Julian, one of the STEM IT technicians who said he was looking into it.

On reflection, I actually wonder if I’d exceeded any digit count allowed in the signature. The last one (now ok) is shorter than what I’d wanted.

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Thanks, JoC - I think it might well have been that as it was a bit of a long one…