Chasing the rural vote?

A government ignoring science, I am frankly amazed.

This paper:

had "Participatory workshops were carried out with farmers across England, within a range of bTB risk areas
in which participants discussed four badger vaccination scenarios:

  • Government-led approach to badger vaccination
  • Science-led approach to badger vaccination
  • Vaccinating in badger cull areas
  • Combined cattle and badger vaccination.
    All four scenarios were unpopular amongst farmers, though the science-led approach with a scientific trial was the least unappealing." My bold.

The scientists have been ignoring wild and feral antelopes that can with ease jump over boundaries and biosecurity measures.
They are most likely testing with RNA fragment counters that are capable of detecting that viruses have been there. They use them to check waste water in order to estimate the amount of people are infected with a virus upstream of the treatment works. They did this during COVID.
An earthworm that has been feeding under a cow pat from an infected animal will contain RNA fragments that will either do nothing or even act as a natural vaccine. Even human infants suck on earthworms instinctively to get the natural vaccine effect from there gut contents.
I blame the cull on those posh gits with there noisy lawn mowers and grass greening chemicals. They attract the badgers by unwittingly making the earthworms stay close to the surface where they are easier to dig up.
The green grass fans would get video footage of antelopes jumping over gates banned if they could.

I may have told this anecdote before, but here goes. Some years ago there was a meeting in the Pwllheli area for farmers to hear about and discuss the pros and cons of badger culls in Wales. It was chaired by one of the farming unions. After the speakers had finished, the chairman’s closing remarks were “We mustn’t get distracted by the science. We need a cull.”