City’s iconic Sky Garden hits 10 million visitors

The fun all happened when they first built the walkie talkie.
They had some problems with the sunlight reflections from the glass.

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I keep meaning to go to one of those high gardens. Also did you hear that person talking about birdwatching from Tower 42 at dawn, sounds very nice although might need good head for heights.

Yes - where did I hear that?
We have a panoramic view of that skyline but al we ever see are gulls. And It can’t only be at dawn that they fly over the city.

This might be useful for tips about visiting Visiting London’s Sky Garden (+ How to Skip the Queues) — London x London

But there/s a really nice garden above the new Elizabeth Line station at Canary Wharf

Some roof panels are open so birds fly in and some have made nests.

The Building Once Melted a Car

Dubbed ‘Scorchgate’, the Sky Garden building actually once melted part of a Jaguar parked on Fenchurch Street below.

The glass panes gave off so much solar glare that the wing mirrors and side panels on the car began to melt off. Of course, this went viral on social media and Londoners quickly ran to the scene to try and fry eggs on the street using the heat from the Sky Garden.
See the link in my reply to Mike below

I said about the sun reflections earlier.
I think they had to do something technical to the glass to fix the problem.

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