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The genus name dates back to 1753 when Linnaeus established the name based on the species Zygophyllum fabago. Zygophyllum is derived from the Greek words, zygos, meaning joined, and phyllon, meaning leaf, referring to the paired leaves of many of the species. In 1814, Robert Brown was the first to recognise the family Zygophyllaceae as a distinct taxon under the name Zygophylleae. Ever since the genus and family were established, their circumscription has been a matter of controversy. The treatment of Zygophyllum followed here is according to Van Zyl (2000).

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Molecular phylogenetic analysis suggested that as previously circumscribed, Zygophyllum was not monophyletic, and the genus was split among a number of other genera, including Augea, Fagonia, Roepera and Tetraena.

Zygophyllum Species
As of April 2023, Plants of the World Online accepted 117 species:
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Roepera is a genus of flowering plant in the family Zygophyllaceae. It is native to southern Africa and Australia.
Species list
The genus Roepera currently has 60 recognized species:

An example from iSpot Roepera morgsana, Stofbergsfontein - Sept. 2012 | Observation | Southern Africa | iSpot Nature
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Zygophyllum morgsana, fruit, Stofbergsfontein - Sept. 2011 | Observation | Southern Africa | iSpot Nature

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