Coincidental fungal

What are the chances of seeing the same two fungi on different websites - I don’t mean the same species I mean the same individuals.

I posted this a few days ago

The site is outside a house on a country lane that goes “nowhere” - you need to choose to be on it.

The other day I went on to iNaturalist and decided to see what they had recorded around where I live (I probably haven’t been on the site this year).

There was a post very near to where I live so I decided to have a look at it.

It was exactly the same fungi - check out the rock on the right.

It is possible that armadillohunter follows my postings avidly and came to see it but then they might have used my identification.

Coincidence or what!


Remarkable - double so as you need to be looking i the precise region in iNat
Millions to one
Your spot-link is ‘wrong’

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For a coincidence (the exact same plant twice on the same web site)

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