(Comment on) performance

Subjectively it seems to me that it takes appreciably longer to serve and render an observation than it used to.

I’ve also noticed that if you agree with an observation it redraws the whole observation, which it didn’t use to do.

Agreed. Also there is an anying change in the way the page deploys. It seems to wait longer and then bulk load in steps, rather than continuously. One ends up staring at an empty screen. And then when the page is loaded the pictures take very much longer.
You are in the UK with fibre optics. We are still in the dark ages here with kilobyte lines. The biggest gripe with the 2014 rewrite was how slow the rewrite was to load. This is even worse.
Some pages in the browser dont even bother loading. And the LIST pages take forever: at least three times longer than the old iSpot.
And I suspect that the intermediate panes (pains) on the GALLERY is to slow the user down so that they cannot see just how slow iSpot is - what other purpose is there to wasting our time by adding another step between seeing an observation we want to open, and opening it?

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It redraws the entire page, and gives the stupid message and looses your place by putting you on the top instead of where you were. Quite infuriating.
It means simply that you have to wait for iSpot instead of being able to continue with your work.