"Confused" of Sawtry writes -

I have previously found that, trying to insert a ‘heart’ icon into text in a forum post or an observation comment, it will result in an error: the :heart: will appear as 3 question marks. (Though it looks right in the preview to the right: and after posting this time it appears to have worked.)
When I recently copied and pasted " :heart:iFocus" from the “latest projects” box into a comment here:

(Which is well worth a visit, by the way)
That worked fine. Anyone know why icons are sometimes substituted?

I think I invented the curse of :heart:Hearts and :white_check_mark:Ticks.
I have a tested-list of those that work.
It all depends on Code - can’t explain but some are accepted, some not, some display in the draft version of a comment but not in the final. Some respond to copy./paste, some not.

They probably need to be kept to a minimum and tested in an Observation that is JUST a test, then deleted immediately afterwards. They can be stored in a plain text editor or an email to yourself (kept as a draft)
I find them diminishingly useful and suspect they are not liked by everyone. They show up in the Changes Tracker, which I find specially useful. We may be overusing them in iEvents

Yes, I am also confused but I try them on my signature - copy and paste - and see if they work. If not you get the question marks as you know but it’s quickly changed back to previous as copied and saved in a draft doc or email as Derek says.
I do agree overuse is irritating!!! Nearly as bad as lots of exclamation marks. They are helpful in special circumstances or events. I think they do draw the eye to eg the iFocus series and a red heart is now associated with that. I used little suns/stars on the titles of my own Christmas Day spots and have used the yellow sparkles in the NY project.

Good question, maybe some IT person can advise.

Visited - thanks - wondering if this garden deserves a Project.
I’d love to see what else has been observed there