Copyright issue?

I notice that this observation has been removed.
It’s it a breach of copyright to post pictures of newspaper pages or does someone dislike saveloys?

It is a shopped image.
The gulls beak would pinch the sausage in where it is holding it.
Is there any point in posting shopped images on I-spot?


The question was asked on Copyright: maybe it was rhetorical but just in case, here is some info :

24.4.24 EDIT. responding to prompt from Surreybirder ( thanks ) above is the full link.

This is also relevant for Education (an OU websitebshould qualify).

Third-party copyright images which are integral to your work as a teacher or student may be legally defensible as “Illustration for Instruction”.

Typical educational scenarios in which you may not need the rights-holder’s permission to utilize their image:

  • projecting a reproduction of an artwork for discussion in a lecture
  • utilizing a figure from a textbook in a course handout
  • taking a screenshot from social media for an assignment
  • sharing an image file with classmates for a group project.

Thank you for responding to the question I actually asked: it may have been phrased in a lighthearted manner but it was a serious question.
The only person who can provide an authoritative answer is, of course, the curator. I wrote to him yesterday so am hoping we will get some clarification in due course.

Surely it is a shopped photo and is an entertainment item that is best shared in the forum as opposed to the main site.

Thanks I have Edited to correct my improperly prepared link.

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The protracted silence appears to indicate an unwillingness to answer my question as to why this observation was deleted. A refusal to explain a decision is never a good look; especially so on iSpot, which works by contributors willingly sharing knowledge and information.
Given that at least 3 contributors posted an agreement before it was removed, it is not an unreasonable question to ask. A refusal to answer it merely fuels speculation, and certainly does not encourage participation in iSpot.

I was the first to agree. I pondered quite a while over possible copyright issues. I went to the web to find the photo and I formed a comment (to you) that made a suggestion to be careful with images like this, MOSTLY because I suspect others would quickly follow suit and, eventually, iSpot MIGHT get into trouble. I did NOT complete the comment but spent quite a while pondering.

Every registered User has the facility to remove an Observation, It may be fortunate that most do not know that. But nevertheless ANYONE could have taken your Observation down with two clicks.
But the Curator has to field the ‘removal’ and sometimes undoes it. When that happens, it seems impossible to repeat so then ONLY the Curator can do it.
I am genuinely surprised you have not heard from @miked but I know that other admins (are supposed to) respond to the simple iSpot address

You had not heard from me here as I had passed it on to higher levels immediately that the issue arose, I have not heard back.

Thanks Mike, though an earlier acknowledgement would have been appreciated.

Time passes….
You could try asking them for a response.