Copyright issues

A relatively new user ( Royal123) has taken to posting images from other sites. Now that it’s been recognised, they are being attributed. But are there copyright issues?

ISpot has this

“ Infringing other people’s rights is against the iSpot Terms of use. If you find that an iSpot user has done this, please let us know -”.
Unfortunately the link to Terms of use given is a 404.
I belive miked has emailed Hannah.

She probably is breaching copyright, unless she has permission to post them or unless the photographer has chosen to have a Creative Commons (or similar) agreement. The law is basically that the photographer retains © until 70 years after their death. The absence of a © sign doesn’t convey any rights to reproduce.

Just a correction. If you mean Hannah Esplin Amadan didn’t say Hannah. Amadon said Royal 123.

Hannah isn’t Royal 123 on i spot cause she just goes by the same name as on this forum its Royal 123 sending things from other sites on i spot

Also here is the link to terms and conditions it might be worth trying again cause the link works if this is the link intended to be sent you have to scroll a long way to get to the part relevant to this post it’s only the do my photos stay mine link that the terms of use link doesn’t work on

The workable link can be found on this page

It might be worth finding out if Royal 123 who isn’t Hannah Esplin got permission from the sites to send them then it wouldn’t be a copyright issue but if Royal 123 didn’t get permission from the sites to use them then it would be a copyright issue but it’s hard to know unless we find out from the sites or from Royal 123 weather He or she got permission from those sites

It is a coincidence that they are both called Hannah. Jin’s Weenus’ posts are always original, always fascinating, too.
I’ve withdrawn a couple of comments made on the ‘borrowed’ observations, as I am unsure of the motivation for posting them.

No, Zo, I was referring to Royal123 who is also Hannah, confusingly - Hannah Dyer!

Yes I have emailed her and if there is no suitable response then I will remove those observations. The person may be a spammer or similar, if you notice any other issues when I am not around then just block the observations from this person yourself.

Just to say.
I deliberately did not mark them as inappropriate yesterday but added comments for Royal 123.
They are pretty harmless but she just needs to explain, that’s all.

Royal123 may be a student at the Royal School, Wolverhampton; the posts are probably made in good faith. I hope our feedback will help this new ispotter to continue with us.

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