Currently Ispot apparently not working

but with no error message or any indication, & only the forum working

Yes - definitely something up with it - the home page opens, but without images, drop-down tabs etc. Has anyone emailed Mike directly yet?

@miked appears to be out of comms. He did say he was going away.
There ought to be another route to report problems @Janice_A
The crash happened as I was rearranging my observation pictures last eve.
It’s a nice sunny day here…look on the bright side?

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I got in on the second attempt late last night (but needed a refresh to populate the carousels), but it’s 522ing consistently now. Either they need to reboot the servers, and a DDOS attack is getting past CloudFlare.

Why the hell doesn’t someone from Admin SAY SOMETHING HERE? I have private-mailed two of them. And two are personal-Flagged above is working, so the problem looks to be iSpot specific.

guess they must be away…

Site working again now, sorry about the system being down. Yes I was away and out of contact for a couple of days.

Welcome home then - what a relief.
I was editing at the time, so lost the ten pictures in the post.

Incase ispot main website crashes and the forum is still working i.e. you can see this message then you can report the issue to the ispot inbox at:
[email protected]

That’s handy - will keep it in a safe place