Deleted topic headers

Three Topic-headers (testing) Now deleted in an attempt to tidy up
@MikeQ & @Tony_Rebelo - feel free to delete your comments below

Can you suggest a category for your posts.

I don’t think this Discourse forum system has hierarchy of categories and it is recommended not to have too many categories in total.

You may also want to think up a total list of categories for the forum so we can discuss that. Don’t think it can directly map across to the old site, may also want to look at some other Discourse websites to see the kinds of categories they use.

Yes Mike Please, if you have the power DELETE, my TEST TOPIC Experimentin (I cannot). I have left a note for Kevin elsewhere. You know of course that the Old Forums were largely failing BUT that there MIGHT be a need here for a distraction or two. But it needs to be done well, not like my slightly corny efforts.
I think you know what we’re (I’m) after - the Titles might be the Existing GROUPS and HABITATS each with an appropriate Banner and all in one neat place away from e faults and moans.
I don’t think Tiggrx would mind if my other attempts were removed either
Thanks for coming

They were not failing in southern Africa, because we kept them alive by making them easy to access and not so damn difficult to open. Who wants to click 5 different menus before being able to see anything!

It was the Sept 2014 rebuild that killed the forums!