Devise ways to nurture and retain newcomers

I could not find my quite recent plea (in the forum) about welcoming and retaining new users.
So here’s a new thread

There are at least 6 new users registered today (21st)
We miss nearly all of them and nearly all of them leave after their first day - someone in Admin needs to enquire why.
Of course we cannot welcome them unless they make an Observation, add an agreement or comment
It needs admin support to " Devise ways to nurture and retain newcomers @Janice_A

JoC didn’t miss Alison (bless them both) Alison Keeble | User | iSpot Nature
There were 38 new registrants this week user/80972 to user/81020
I wonder how many regular users left iSpot in the last two weeks

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It shouldn’t be that difficult to send a welcome message to all new users… and perhaps there could be a feed-back option attached to the message.
Even to know a few basic facts might help.
E.g. Why did you ‘join’ iSpot?
Was it helpful?
Did you post an observation?
Did you get any feedback on the observation (did you even look?)?
What would make iSpot more attractive to you?

I nominate SurreyBirder as NewUser mentor
Needs 100 supporters - get it?

Does it come with the usual remuneration after 6 weeks?

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It depends where you were on the scale before losing the ‘position’

I’m going to stand aside in favour of dejayM in the interests of party unity!

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Well dj does seem to be an iSpot remainer so that would be a step in the right direction.

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According to last night’s news, there is a certain gentleman of (previously) high standing who’s now at a loose end. He seems to know a lot about wild life - though not as we know it…

I am already Minister (without ANY Portfolios) for Projects, Indexing, Spotlights, iFocus, Work&Play, Exemplars,Thing of the Month, Some User-guides and Dictionary Testing - I ought to decline but might keep you in suspense.
The gentle man Amadan mentions, do you think he might be up to/for it?
Meantime 40 new registrants since 17th Vanesa Conjar | User | iSpot Nature to Diaan Hoffman | User | iSpot Nature. Most of them seem to lose heart the moment they reach the Home Page. Some are Global registrants.

the 100 most recent registrants
Jian Phang Wong | User | iSpot Nature 81001 19 October 2022
Maria Harding | User | iSpot Nature 81101 today
open one, change the last user digit and see WHO is posting Observations
Perhaps add a welcome note

Quite interesting to realise what a variety of people join: and what a range of interests they have (or in some cases, don’t have) and also from whence they sign up. One guy from Malaysia, for example.

quite a few are probably s295ers
Quite a few interesting names I wonder if registrations by Bots or potential Spammers?
@miked ?

All of the above really, people from various parts of the world do s295 and also people from various places join iSpot for various reasons. I think Janice has given or is about to give a talk in some other part of the world (virtually) which may bring some people in and I have given a couple of recent talks that people from various parts of the world may have seen. Then there are indeed bots and similar, actually most spammers these days seem to be real people paid in some way to post spam or do whatever.

But it does suggest that a welcome email might need to be tailored for particular audiences?

yes TIME really for the Welcome mail and a follow-up in one month.
Perhaps though, only for those who make their First Observation.
THOSE are the ones we should ‘capture’ and retain
There must be a way to list them weekly or monthly
The key to all this though is with Current and Active users
If I can find new Observers and JoC and the few can leave welcome messages, then perhaps everyone can (without overkill!)

Good plan. I like to try to make a welcome message while saying something else whether it be about valid ID or nice photos or oh look someone else from Central Scotland or whatever. We’d need to know the message had been sent? A flag on the observation?

This all requires a Plan and some action by our hard-pressed Curator.
the alternative might? be to suggest the Admin team come away from the PlantNet development.
Budget planning and difficulties aside, we will not survive unless we help increase the number of users - we do not need to be statisticians to see how many ACTIVE users are ‘left’

  • Do you think that DejayM is right and that retaining members should be the Top priority? Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know

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Sorry, but I’m trying to follow the Bot’s tutorial and he says that I have to create a poll!

Interesting that you have created a poll, there are lots of things that are possible in this forum software and generally only scratch the surface.

On the retaining members, I was discussing this yesterday and wondering if an email with a lot more guidance could be sent when any new user signs up. The students are given a two page guide, not sure how many actually look at it. I think this (more info in the automated signup message) used to be not possible but it may now be possible if Chris can change some things. Or a separate message as soon as the person confirms they are signed up.

So the question is, if we can get this automated email working, then what should we put in it. What would have enthused you to take part and stay engaged.

We say we won’t send out further emails unless there is something very serious with iSpot because people don’t like spam but perhaps this needs revising. Should the message contain a user guide or perhaps link to the guide and text pointing out how important certain items such as tracker are?
What other ideas do you have?

there is a need, I believe, to keep early exchanges pretty brief, just a note about the Tracker and the way we nurture enthusiasm, say.
Details about more effective (successful?) posting or observing can be left IN observations as comments. Perhaps a small series of simple, encouraging observations that have a tag (has anyone heard of iExemplars?) BUT we need uncomplicated excellence and well as highly detailed exemplars
They can be Indexed (all ready) for use by mentors.
We need to be gently encouraging of course.
We ALL need to become Gentle Mentors. First responder becomes an unofficial mentor. We need a NEW WAY to record ‘mentoring’, as favouriting is not the best personal tool and cannot be shared.