Dictionary & Browser Issues

Apologies. Question deleted as I had written rubbish and solved my own confusion.

The dictionary has a line Sorbus glabriscula | Sorbus hupehensis (Hupeh Rowan). glabriscula is a typo for glabriuscula. (There is also a line with a bare Sorbus glabriuscula; however it’s the former that has been used for the few observations of the taxon.)

GBIF doesn’t seem to agree with you - see:

yes, I agree entirely

Yes, I had to check though. Made me wonder why some are not travelling from France Cordulegaster bidentata Selys, 1843
Quite typically (@Chris_Valentine) the browser lies here https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/species-dictionary/NBNSYS0000131909/cordulegaster

POWO does. So does Stace and Sell & Murrell and Trees and Shrubs Online.

At the present rate, they probably will arrive here - hot on the heels of the Asian hornet, which we are being told to watch out for.



If anyone is passing, would be good to move the Likely banner from my erroneous Sorbus Aucuparia: :slightly_smiling_face:

Missed this during the Focus. The banner has shifted!

Thanks! :grinning:
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There has been a spate of observations recently where users appear to have accidentally chosen a subspecies from a drop-down.
The two main causes seem to be -

  1. The first one on the list is a subspecies option (definitely the case with Meadow Brown), or

  2. The first one on the list with a common name displayed is a subspecies. Most seem unaware that you can manually edit the common name box once you’ve obediently picked the scientific one.

I do not know if it would be possible to ‘order’ the presentation of names to help prevent this: but I suspect not. Life is never that simple…

I am getting no-where with my regular suggestions that the Browser and iSpot Dictionary need a tweak or two
What WOULD be nice is a HOME Page panel laying out monthly issues.
Might be better than NEW: iForum LIVE or Spring Equinox etc

Of 176 Dog Vomits, there are 38 to Fuligo septica var septica which means TWO lists of Other Obs
Interestingly the var has far less agreements.
Who has the power to alter the Drop-down and suggest the Common name Flowers of Tan should not be used to get the ID?
And WHO might have the ‘authority’ to say which Sc. name we should use?
BUT is it important?

1 don’t know but someone should answer this reasonable question, not surprised fewer agreements to var, would-be agreer reads the ID panel and wonders about evidence for the var
2 really don’t know but think we should avoid any vars unless we present evidence for ID to var
3 yes because of the two lists situation which impedes use of other obs to help with ID finding