Discobot - is it a genuine part of iSpot?

I have just been messaged within iSpot by something called Discobot telling me I have been promoted to level 2 and can now consider myself a member of this community, presumably the iSpot forum. I didn’t realise I was previously not in the community. It asks me to click on a button within its message to find out about my new powers. Is this genuine or a scam?

You were given the Member badge 1 hour ago.

Member - iSpot Forum (ispotnature.org)

Well, fancy that. I see that I am a member too… what are the criteria?

As of 2018

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

There is a level 3 (Regular). That was granted to 4 of the development team (no longer active) and to FastCatCloud. Since Regular is supposed to be lost for inactivity, iSpot instance seems not to be acting as described at the above link.

Apart from aught else, what an odd choice of name!
I doubt that the award would cause free-form dancing by most users.
Some obscure reference to ancient Greek athletes seems equally unlikely.

Unfortunately more to do with discourse software that is used for the forum.

If you click on a member’s avatar, you can see their status on the forum. But it’s not of great interest in practice. I would have been surprised if miked, for example, were not a member.