Discovery of a species of dragonfly larvae in Cornwall

This might not of made it on the news but when I went on holiday to Cornwall a few years ago I took part in some pond and river dipping where you look for insects in the water and then put them in a tray to look at then show the ranger what things you have found and then put it back in the water when I did pond dipping I had a look one of them was tiny and hard to scoop up but I managed to get it in and put in the thing we keep them for looking at before before putting them in again. He looked at some of the things I found and one of the things he looked at it was so tiny he had to look at it through a proper microscope and discovered that I found a species of dragonfly larvae that hasn’t been discovered before and that no one in his group has ever discovered and I was the first one he said it’s the smallest one ever discovered there in Cornwall and said That I have a very good eye he was very exited about it and Put in in a container go and show the other rangers and think of a name and write it down and then put it back in didn’t fail to remind me throughout the session it was a very memorable holiday for me and my Mum

Events like you have described are why we love biology. That memory may stay with you all your life.
Cornwall Wildlife Trust has a website - maybe “your” dragonfly larva is now on its list of species.

I dont know. He didn’t tell me what the name was cause I only went to that one session of water dipping cause we didn’t arrange another one cause we had other activities aswell and they were booked for certain times and days