Dolphins at Canary Wharf

We saw them today (Weds)
Easy to spot when one sees the birds following them. There must be a lot of fish to attract them.

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What an experience, I have only glimpsed a wild dolphin once. Glad the Thames is clean*
enough to have the fish for them.
(* despite the efforts of water boards to pollute our rivers,)

where is that ispot observation!

On dear - it’s on the camera - have had some busy days,
The best pic is a video - will need help.
Glad you weren’t expecting us to record tonight’s moon landing !!

OK Mike - the photos are quite nice - most just need cropping. The video is amazing because of the birds but can I post it on iSpot?

Jo you would have loved growing up in Fish Hoek, the best year was when some dolphins came and joined the bathers; it was quite amazing and became quite a feature of that summer. I was there!!!
There is a story on the internet written by a grand daughter of one of the boys - but very long - so won’t share.

Especially for you Mike

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