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Dragonfly identification

Hi all,

First time on here. Not sure if this is the best place to post but wondered if anyone could help identify the below unusual dragonfly i saw today?

Found near bristol in a deciduous wood. Only got the three pictures of it unfortunately.

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome! Grand photos and I’m sure someone will be able to identify your insect if you post it on the main site at Select the Add Observatioin button towards the top right of the window and fill in as much detail as possible. Good luck!

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Yes as Thistle says you need to add this as an observation. The colours look odd and the dragonfly itself looks damaged.

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Thank you all…

Hoping someone may be able to work out what it is

I am no expert but check Aeshna cerulea my insects if Britain by Paul D Brock shows something similar. good look