Duplicate postings

My first duplicate posting on the new site.

This was the bane of the previous version, where duplicates popped up all the time.

BUT::: On this version of iSpot you can declare that your OWN comment or reply is “inappropriate content” - how is that for progress?

SIGH: would it not just have been easier to allow us to edit our comments or replies?

Yes, S I G H

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Is this comment in the black box real?
If so, then for one I can say that I do not feel I have been inhibited from joining the discussion forums; quite the opposite. Experts in ispot protocols have been sharing a lot of info with the rest of us, and I am grateful for that.

My humour Jo. I have a little left. It’s p’raps as well,

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Why is it that I can only like once? Two or three dozen likes are sometimes required!