Earth - why15 characters for a title for goodness sake!

Just watched episode 1 of Earth narrated by Chris Packham on iPlayer. Completely excellent, especially as I hadn’t previously rated him as a presenter. Miss it if you dare!

Yes very compelling viewing. It puts everything into perspective really. Also quite heartening to learn that after apparent complete desolation, life can thrive eventually, time after time, even if it takes many millions of years.
Chris Packham’s presenting style in this programme is nice and straightforward…no overdramatic pauses or ‘grannysplaining’ slowness. Just normal talking. Refreshing.

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I think 15 characters is so that titles are not too easily duplicated.

Makes sense but frustrating!

What a shame that the main subject of this thread (‘Earth’) has been hijacked.

Yes, it could still be modified to BBC TV Earth but that would decontext (my word) some of the comments
I watched it closely and I thought it superior to you-know-which series.
Roll on the Ice Age. As I write this it is 10°C in Orkney, lovely

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there is another thread running here Project links past and present - #4 by marlandza
I have begun a TEST GLOBAL project which is linked to the Blue Community or Blue Planet even.
It needs more research before we begin adding the tag (why and when) and I would appreciate some support, specially ideas of which type of Observation to link and why

Will have a look later :slight_smile:

I attended a talk by Chris Packham at our local wildlife centre. He spoke for an hour almost entirely without ‘hesitation, deviation or repetition’. He was showing his favourite 100 bird photos - but, being a perfectionist, he wasn’t entirely happy with any of them!


Thanks for the tip - we will make a note to watch it. We have rated Chris Packham highly since his The Walk that Made Me which made compelling viewing, not only by the relaxed delivery of sometimes fascinating but always interesting sightings and chats but his personal recollections.

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Global Earth Watch LAUNCH today

Observations needed

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Coming back to the Earth BBC tv series. Have watched 3 episodes so far and indeed well worth a look.
Have been suggesting that a series explaining how geological history and life on earth fit together should be produced for 25 years and now this has finally been done.
There are issues with it of course: (massive) overreliance on CGI because rocks themselves are thought by the producers to be too boring, and choosing random time chunks from the geological past rather than basing it on a full timeline. This latter issue is annoying as one of the biggest problems with geology is understanding time, it really needs something to put the various episodes into context, perhaps that will come later.
Coming back to the positive, the items they have chosen are very interesting giving examples of what is possible to understand by looking at both geology and ecology together but also indicating a hint of the uncertainty. There are loads of other aspects of earth history + ecology that could be understood in a similar way, I personally hope for another series like this.

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I’ve watched them all and yes, there are issues, not least some of the language. There really needs to be more precision. Quite honestly I found the first episode the best but there were many positives to this series in total. We need more.
Hope you check out the new Earth Awareness project + the comments.

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It’s also confusing. My wife and I spent quite a bit of the second episode trying to understand how it related to the first episode. Also, the second episode was very repetitive. The editors could easily have pruned 10 minutes without losing anything of substance.
At least there were some nice scenic shots… and one can only hope that Lord Frost watches it. (He was quoted in “The Times” as saying that the UK shouldn’t do anything about Global Warming as we could do with being a bit warmer!! - Headline: " ENVIRONMENT

Lord Frost claims rising temperatures will help Britain") this might answer some questions.

Thanks, Mike D.
That certainly clarifies the odd chronology chosen to present the episodes. It’s a bit like having a five-chapter book starting at Chapter 3 and then doing 2, 1, 4 and 5!