entoLIVE Webinars

entoLIVE Webinars | Eventbrite just appeared in my FB feed. Some interesting-looking - free - talks which will surely interest some of us.

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Thanks for sharing this info. I have stored a copy of the linked page somewhere where I’ll see it and maybe remember!

I’ve signed up for the Ladybird talk with Helen Roy - the Queen of ladybirds! they say they’ll send a reminder email nearer the time. Thanks for the link, Thistle.

I’ve signed up for that one too, alongside Earthworms, Slugs and Jellyfish.

Thanks @Thistle - there are some corkers in here! Have already signed up to the Ladybirds one with Helen Roy and the Jellyfish one. That was a no brainer! :slight_smile: Will add a link to this in the Biodiversity Calendar section of the December News Story/Blog post too :slight_smile:

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