Ericas are amazing

But so difficult to identify without taking them apart - many are REDLISTED and one needs a permit to do more than point-and-click.
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Chopin has shared her work - follow the tags if interested.

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Observation to complement these close-ups

[AOTHER worth sharing - Erica abietina L. subsp. constantiana E.G.H.Oliv. & I.M.Oliv ]
a very localized subspecies, occurring on upper slopes where most of its habitat is protected. Some habitat may have been lost to timber plantations in the past, for example at Orange Kloof and Tokai, however, plantations are no longer expanding, and at Tokai plantations are being cleared and fynbos vegetation is being restored.
Parts of Constantia and Noordhoek Mountains were densely invaded by alien invasive plants, but these are being cleared.
My observation

(Erica conica, Constantiaberg - May 2003 | Observation | Southern Africa | iSpot Nature)

@JoC History of the loss and rediscovery of Erica verticillata

The genus Erica (Ericaceae) in southern Africa: Taxonomic notes 1
and I think there is another one

The genus Erica (Ericaceae) in southern Africa: Taxonomic notes 2

ANOTHER amazing Erica - showing it’s survival tactics @JoC

Easy one to ‘agree’ I think