Error 500 on confirming observation

repeated on the second attempt

It looks like it might have been image upload related - there’s an entry in the system error log that states your original image file couldn’t be found. Has it behaved better since?

Just failed on a 3rd attempt, and on a fourth with the 1st of two images only. A fifth attempt with the 2nd of two image finally succeeded. However I noticed that manually entering a date of 20/4/23 ends up as 20/4/1923, and corrected that to 2023. I hypothesise there’s an inconsistency in date handling within the system, which has caused the problem. I also hypothesise that the cutoff between inferred centuries was set at the current year in a previous year and has not been updated. Now off to edit in the other image.

Update: second (first) image successfully added.

Looks like you’re correct. I can see error log messages complaining about ‘1923-04-20 00:00:00’ - looks like the web side of things is making a wrong assumption about decade/century in some cases.

For the past couple of hours I’ve tried to add an obs and failed repeatedly , red error message. Same when I try to log out. Get error message 500 sometimes. Using my phone as the pics are on it, but losing heart!

Off out now so will try to look later.

It did the 500 error at me for a few hours and then got fixed.
Most likely the server getting a bit lonely and craving for an engineer to come and cheer it up.

Looking in the error log, I see errors at 11:00 on Tuesday and 08:27 today - both related to uploaded images disappearing from the server. Does that sound like it might be your issues?

Thanks for responding Chris. My issues were afternoon of yesterday 14th, maybe for 1.5 to 2 hours. I gave up just around 4pm. I was trying to add an obs for which there were ID issues - could not locate genus in the dictionary. Tried to upload with an invalid ID ie with typed in taxon as a placeholder meantime, but it just would not allow me to confirm and save obs, red box with error message. Decided to log out losing the efforts I had made towards the obs, but that didn’t happen either! Tried again to log out on the train as I was going out about an hour later. All of this was on my phone, obs will be/might be in future a marine alga of the Sargassaceae, global obs.

Error 500 has just appeared (after failures to add a comment on one observation and agree to a second) on attempting to view a third observation.

Sorry - my fault - should be fixed now.

I spotted it too.