Error 500 on confirming observation

repeated on the second attempt

It looks like it might have been image upload related - there’s an entry in the system error log that states your original image file couldn’t be found. Has it behaved better since?

Just failed on a 3rd attempt, and on a fourth with the 1st of two images only. A fifth attempt with the 2nd of two image finally succeeded. However I noticed that manually entering a date of 20/4/23 ends up as 20/4/1923, and corrected that to 2023. I hypothesise there’s an inconsistency in date handling within the system, which has caused the problem. I also hypothesise that the cutoff between inferred centuries was set at the current year in a previous year and has not been updated. Now off to edit in the other image.

Update: second (first) image successfully added.

Looks like you’re correct. I can see error log messages complaining about ‘1923-04-20 00:00:00’ - looks like the web side of things is making a wrong assumption about decade/century in some cases.