Essential Maintenance Thursday 5th Jan

Please note that iSpot will be undergoing essential maintenance from 10:00 to 14:00 on Thursday 5th January. Please avoid submitting any content (observations, comments, etc) during that time.

at last, time for an extended lunch!
Good wishes for this Chris

So far…so good. Well done. Thanks
Wait! 1

It seems to all be running OK now. Phew!

Maybe say WHAT you did and what you hope for?
You don’t have to keep it simple, Most of us are quite interested in the way iSpot works and we should begin to learn why maintenance, expansion, testing and sometimes failing is important for progress

As far as I recall this was server maintenance and patching i.e. nothing to do with iSpot directly or its software but the general server.

Thanks. So was this an OU Server Upgrade, which might allow iSpot expansion and smoother running overall?

Mike is spot on. Wasn’t me doing it - it was STEM’s IT folk.

No. But the update to the code behind iSpot could well make things run better. We hope to get that onto a test server some time next week.