Eu data protection

I drew a few of these today researching obscure but nevertheless real organisms
The GDPR has 11 Chapters and 99 Articles (I didn’t count the pages) I wonder if we are in for some ‘fresh’ difficulties?

I haven’t seen explicit 451s, but I’ve had various US newspaper sites refusing to display pages to GDPR nations over the last few months.

PS: Daily Freeman sounds like a dodgy (Sov. Cit.) site, but Google tells me that it’s a New York (state, not city) newspaper presumably predating the sovereign citizen movement/scam, so it’s the same as I’ve seen before - a US newspaper not interested enough in EU eyeballs to bother checking/tweaking their stalking policies.

I’ve noticed the same with some American papers; & looking at dailyfreeman it does give 451 error. But you can still look at the google cached version, (is this ‘snapshot version’ vulnerable to stalking?)
The same was true for the Toronto Star, but I was still able from the cached version the list of T’s falseties (now 3942). But now you can access the star though I believe only 5 articles a month.


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