Excitment in Sawtry (not a phrase you hear every day!)

Well, actually in Conington, just a short slither across the A1M:

Updated: I hadn’t noticed that the BBC actually placed the story in the “other” Cambridgeshire Conington. A friend who lives in “ours” says that the number of dog-walkers has fallen…

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So glad they will be looked after, now.

pythons are surely capable of taking ‘down’ dogs but their walkers - remarkable.

Scary stuff. I’m glad I wasn’t the one who found them….

More excitement… Here be Dragons.
This from the newspaper British dragonfly numbers soar as warming climate attracts new species | Insects | The Guardian
(The lead picture is A. cyanea but the picture editor failed to check out the name with the British Dragonfly Society. https://british-dragonflies.org.uk/species/southern-migrant-hawker/ )
However, getting dragons into the news is always good.