EXIF vagaries (is less that 15 characters)

The system has just failed to pick up the date from a JPEG. It used to work with this camera.

Greylag Goose | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot (ispotnature.org)

Hopefully Chris will see this, don’t think he has switched his new system onto the live site yet. I too have had .jpg files where date/location are not picked up but once the image has been via certain software

Could you please email me the image? chris dot valentine at open dot ac dot uk

Have just examined the five JPGs uploaded to that observation and none contain GPS data but if you can send me a shot direct from the camera, that would be useful.

In case this helps in any way, my new observations now have to have the date taken input manually. My camera doesn’t have GPS data. I use GIMP for resizing etc.

The problem is with the date, not the location (that camera is old enough that it doesn’t have GPS). It’s as if in fixing the issues with extracting locations from EXIF extraction of dates has been broken.

Sorry - misread your post. That’s annoying because you’d have thought date fields would be less of a problem! Will have to look into this…

According to Exif Pilot those images have a creation date of (around) “08/02/2023 15:52:08” so the data is most certainly in the header.

At a guess the camera was on BST, and the actual time was about 14:52. I’d got a train out and was walking back along the canal. It was around the time that I photographed the goose that I had to ease off recording so I could make better time so I could get home or near enough before it got dark.