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Just lead us to an ob worth MUCH more support or one that is just a personal fave

I ran a mini personal iFocus this morning
Has anyone seen a Glis glis recently?
A few remarkable Observations by markhows who may not have logged in since November

Please follow my comment-link in that one

I’ve posted this as neither me nor Marlanda know how to help.
It’s an invertebrate…I couldnt get any further.

The antlion possibility does look reasonable but suspect there are other possibilities too.

The forum is so useful here, alerting a Global post which is in need of help; thanks to you & Sarah.

Another great post by Gulvain, such a clear illustration through gorgeous photos and a succinct description. The end result being that someone with limited knowledge like me would be able to tell the difference between the two - love it!

This is why I love iSpot…

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I think that Amadon’s cross-species feeding post deserves a mention here.


This observation seems quite interesting, first record on ispot and sub-species that eats something different at that location compared to the main species in rest of UK even though the different food is common everywhere, if that makes sense.

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Yes, I lost 20 mins in GBIF and beyond and thought YOU might be interested in this
Here FSC BioLinks team | Biodiversity Projects
and specially The FSC Plugin for QGIS v3 | Biodiversity Projects
Richard Burkmar confirmed a record of Lasiocampa trifolii form flava near Liverpool

Have been using those plugins for Qgis more or less since the first version was produced but only occasionally. The odd Lasiocampa trifolii form flava records from away from Dungeness, are they long distance adults that just can’t find suitable places to breed or do they prefer being next to the nuclear power station at Dungeness?

Really unusual sighting of white froglets with an equally interesting comments trail. It would be a shame to miss it: White froglets | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature

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some remarkable recent spider Observations by Lloyd


Perfect ID photo of fairly common butterfly - really lovely.


Verging on the sublime.


This is a colourful and thought provoking piece of prose, not to mention good pics of an interesting subject. Steve Smailes once again.

Excellent stuff.

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rare and beautiful - why not agree? Find it in the :heart:iFocus: Garden Life gallery with 285 Others here https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/866488/ifocus-garden-life/observations-gallery


Excellent observing, photography and description……bubbles: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/867327/who39s-eggs

Very intriguing! Thanks for the heads up!

Here’s another intriguing observation:

I used AI and came up with Planuncus vinzi.
Planuncus vinzi (Maurel, 2012) suggests that it is extremely rare in the UK.
Can anyone verify it?
It’s not in the iSpot dictionary, as far as I can see.