FERNKLOOF site is back on line

It’s a very informative site - I checked with someone on the Facebook Page “Hands off Fernkloof”, but found they were unable to help - but I think it may have been due to the ongoing power outages around the country.
This may shed some light on the problem !!

Good to know the site wasn’t down because someone had forgotten to pay. But the links to news reports of load shedding were disturbing. Hadn’t realised you were having such problems.

I’m here in London, JoC but I’m in touch with friends and family - mainly in Cape Town. There are numerous of stories about the consequences of the “Load Shedding” - this was on Fish Hoek Beach Facebook today. A comedy of errors - https://omny.fm/shows/afternoons-with-pippa-hudson/fishhoek-sewerage-spill?fbclid=IwAR206NCmVnyyfS3EZJbp_tHoV_EXSVmaL_lK0bCbuOiqUke5gCLfpf7qBRA

The phrase “ unintended consequence “ was used a lot to explain what happened, as if sewage on the beach was, in some circumstances an Intended consequence. As you say a comedy of errors.

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Marlandza, This post seems to have gone unnoticed; perhaps you can help?

Think this is correct - M