Filter Question

It’s dark, wet and windy so time is available, hands are idle and the Devil’s about!

Can I filter to find just those species with a single observation in iSpot?

I cannot see how we can but I bet @miked can do it
it’ll be done with a Data Enquiry, not a User filter.

Yes I can get those.

But if there is any time on hands then having a go at the dictionary update test site might be an idea. For anyone who wants to have a go at that but does not know how to do it then contact me via the contact us at bottom of each page on ispot.

I am hoping we are getting there now with the update but there are one or two big things that could confuse users and which I will need to explain so getting several users to have a look at this particular issue would be helpful i.e. I could point you to particular records to look and see if you understand the change rather than browsing the whole site.

Tried “Contact” but got the message " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." Happy to help looking at the dictionary update site.


Thanks for that Mike - another new thing for me - guess one should always READ THE SMALL PRINT.