Finding your own observations

I don’t know if anyone has the answer to this but…

Periodically, I need to revisit my old observations to fish out, for example, images of things for other purposes, or to enable me to verify a record if its in doubt. However, having posted several hundred over the years, I find it very difficult to relocate them again, unless I can remember where I was when I took the photo and can re-find it using my ‘Observations’ and then ‘View on map’. Using the ‘Search ISpot’ facility isn’t much help either as for often photographed things there can be several pages of results to wade through and no quick way to find out which are mine or not.

Does anyone have any tips?

Hi I have found that if you put in the species and your username in the search bar, then it brings up your observations and any observation of that species you have commented on.

So, e.g. if I type in “Moraea Andrewm” (without the quotes) in the search bar, then my observations of all moraeas come up.

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Yes, I agree and I use it a lot but it sometimes brings in clutter (and my little Flag)

Brilliant! Works perfectly: thank you both very much!

ISpot asks “Did you mean: Conyza JoB?”
Job done.
Have you tried the same with Google
and Google Images
’Fodder radish’ - ha!
Smiles and retreats to Changes Tracker…

Google in our friend. Sometimes, anyway…

Can you try using the search filters. You can filter by all sorts of things (user name is one of them, taxon is another) which should work. Filters can be saved so you can easily access them again (I have a ‘my records’ filter saved for instance).

That worked brilliantly well - both the species I was after in no time at all. Thanks!