First observation dates

Please could someone advise when it was that iSpot was set up so that I can put in the right year in a search to find the first observation for certain species.

Explore Community (Top of Home page)
Between 27/09/2008 and 01/10/2008 (say)
Don’t add Groups or species at first.
If you do not find the Species you want, lengthen the window (no earlier than 27/09/2008). When you have a working ‘window’ try for species.
Keep clicking BACK to Filter community observations to change parameters - always click apply
For rare species you may have so search to the Present.
Once the gallery is in (of species), the earliest one is the last in the gallery - sometimes takes a few clicks to get to it. If there are a LOT then narrow (or refine) the window gradually. It takes time.

This is the very first Observation

Depends a bit on what you mean by first observation as there are quite a number of observations from before when ispot was launched as people have added observations that they made before ispot was live or when it was still in the testing phase.
You should be able to find species as dejayM describes but if it is proving difficult then you can ask me to look at the database itself.

Very many thanks, both of you! It’s exactly what I need :slight_smile: J

And now I’ve learnt how to save the filters I want - so thanks again!