First post! i need 15 characters to lets pad

hello! i need 20 characters so lets pad

This is a reply. I don’t have much to say, but I need at least 20 characters

I’ve replied too! But has it helped?

Just a test response checking how the system works.

how can Kevin gets his mug here and I cannot?

Are we really keeping this as a topic on the site???

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I think the avatars autopopulate from

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Testing…not all features seem to be functioning as they should at present…


that’s laugh out loud for 20 chars or more …

Talking of which, I’m puzzled by the seeming disconnect between Ispot and Ispot Forum - the two parts of the site don’t appear to link???

Also puzzled that most of our identities are only a few days old on this forum, but one identity has been on for two months and another identity has been on since December 2016? Why is this?

The old forums are ditched and their content is hidden somewhere in the new site but not as forum items. I have not yet found them. Nor do I understand how 5 years of fora will be integrated here -especially the FAQ, Dictionary Updates, Society and Regional forums and other topics we used to have.’’

Clearly some members of the programming team logged on earlier. Would have been nicer if they could just have preserved the old iSpot forums and carried the code across.

Not any longer it seems (if you look at their profiles) - but the Forum items and responses are looking up here so perhaps w can do without the admine team?

OK: I have a profile at How do I get this forum to fetch it?