First trial of a quantum navigation system

We were wondering what the container on the aft deck contained - this is the answer.
So should we be looking ahead for our LOCATION technology - @miked @Chris_Valentine
Many of my older observations using a Garmin are no longer as accurate as I remember.
Are we being lazy and allowing phones to tell us where we are?

It looks like we are going to have a long wait for it to get small enough to go into a jacket pocket.
A 20 ton navigator like that is only going to fit on an aircraft carrier.
We will have to be patient until they get it a lot smaller.

Yes definitely. I can’t fit it in my pocket it’s way too big.

Exspeacially if I have to walk up a hill which I do do sometimes I already have my binoculars scope and camara I think that is light enough this one would be way too heavy for any one if it doesn’t fit in there pocket. for me my pockets arnt big enough there only big enough for a binocular and a camara.

Technology does have a tendency to get smaller but size isn’t everything bigger isn’t allways better but smaller isn’t allways better either though and new tech can be exiteing at first people tend to get all exited over new technology and its andvances no matter how big or small it is. GPS, location devices and pretty much anything new but it’s not until it’s been tried and tested by everyone do people actually know the ups and downs to it.

I think for the big thing in that news there’s still room for improvements

How would it affect wildlife though that’s the question it’s good it can work without gps but is it also Wildlife friendly aswell

About the man: Patrick Blackett - Nuclear Museum
About the Ship XV Patrick Blackett (X01) - Wikipedia
She’s not very big but the top-secret equipment is housed in the container but needs to be small enough to be used in a submarine vessel.
I’m old enough to remember how big the first INIVAC computers were - things do get smaller
UNIVAC I - Wikipedia
This is our little ship @Refugee

I fund modern technology so fascinating.
Interesting that the French Minehunter and Finnish Minelayer both visited London this month

Yes technology can be fascinating I know cause my family is very technical but the thing is not all old and new technology are environmentally friendly Especially with things to do with water what about the wildlife that live underneath could they be afected and might it possibly disturb anything that lives abouve or below Exspeacially if things to do with noise or movement is involved

Guess that when laying and deterring MINES they are thinking of other things. See the destruction in Ukraine at present. It’s a sad, sad world.
But let’s think happy thoughts - our coots are nest building.

So, presumably, they can know where the ship is, or how fast it is travelling - but not both?

One minor issue with this device seems to be the need to keep it at almost -273C which could be tricky in an inside jacket pocket.

It’s all beyond me - don’t know how my thoughts ended up here. But think it was about the inaccuracy of GPS readings.
Now you’ve added something for my mind to jump to - what do they do with COVID vaccines now - the early ones also need to be stored at a low temp.

Not sure - but think it depends on if you are friends or foe.
An interesting amecdote about the grounding of the Thomas T Tucker not mentioned here

There was a radar post monitoring for U-boats who could see that they were about to come aground. They couldn’t warn them because that would have alerted the u-boat of their location.

This was view from the site in 2005 - I don’t think many people know about it

No lives were lost.

Reason for visiting the site was to photograph the redlisted Staavia - see the structure in the background