'For the benefit of Mr Smailes'

(Who seems to be particularly afflicted by the dreaded software:)


Do you mean Steve smailes?

Yes. I still chuckle about his phone correcting ‘plumipes’ (as in Anthophora) to ‘plumpies’.

That sounds like Auto correct. It can do things like that. I switched mine off on my old phone once and it switched itself back on by itself and started changing things again. On my new phone I got it still auto corrects me aswell once it converted long eared owl to a long eared watery owl without me even knowing. One of the most frustrating ones can be converting fox to ox or box every time you correct the auto correct. He comments and contributes to a lot of my mining bee observations. Is he an active member on the forum aswell or does he just mainly use I spot?

Steve is really good on the hymenoptera - and posts other fine stuff as well.
As with all iSpot users, you can go to his profile (click on the name in an observation, comment, or wherever): the activity tracker will show you what they’ve been doing. I don’t think it links to forum posts, though.