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Introduction to Earthworms 27th April

looks essential for any Naturalist
Might there be a ‘recording’ of the event?

I attended an earlier run of this course and came away with little extra knowledge of earthworms and the feeling that it was little more than a plug for the earthworm society. I do stress that this just one person’s opinion, that others may have viewed the session very differently and that what is presented next time may be a much updated version.

The earthworm soc have been very good at trying to get people to join in recent years, this is not necessarily a bad thing as they have also raised the profile of worms and increased the number of records considerably.
Interesting how certain groups of organisms can suddenly get a higher profile if they have one or two people who promote the group considerably. I have a vague recollection that springtails were going to be the next big thing quite a few years ago as the species composition could tell you everything about the soil and habitat but there were not enough records and perhaps not good enough PR.

It looks like you have to register to access it afterwards.
Keiron Brown was the main person on the course I actually paid for. It was good for learning about the general ecology of the different species but they plug having to kill them to be sure of most IDs.
It might be useful for anyone who’d like an overview of earthworms.
This FSC YouTube vid Exploring Earthworm Ecology - YouTube was part of what I did. Speed up the sound (it’s far too slow). Some of the visuals are informative and of course much of the information is now on the :recycle:iFocus: Lumbricidae

:heart:A VERY valuable iFocus