Most of the agreements to the invalid ID here:
Are no longer active. It will only take a few current users to tilt the balance, I hope, and it’s not a challenging ID.
Thanks in advance!

That ID is not invalid.
The Species Browser has linked it correctly.
Both IDs are Valid, apart from the ‘protocol’ of awarding the banner to the first correct ID, there is little wrong (I feel) Of course I know why there is an issue.
So, what’s wrong with a common name that is correctly linked to the Browser?
THAT is a question for discussion not a selfish proposal - honest.

“That ID is not invalid”
But it is not found if one does a simple search for “Vipera”.
I’m sure that there are ways around that, but another user might not know - neither do I, off-hand.

A good enough reason to change my tune - I have!
It’s hard to test now, short of making a new test post - I may.
But I suppose you will have tested it before coming here.
The most powerful search facility in iSpot is Explore Community/Map/Filter
One can Zoom in, to easily find specific records, if they are not too dense.
It is not a bad way to find y’r own lost Obs. I find it the quickest way to find my oldies.

I tried Adder alone (no Sc. name) and it returned 214 records
With the Sc,. name only (without Adder) the same 214
Also if one clicks on the ID name in the Panel - even Ann’s Adder, it goes to the Browser and shows it to be Vipera-berus
There are quite a number of Observations that have been ‘corrected’ in this fashion “adding the Scientific name to link to the browser” is oft used.
I aim to reinstate the :snowflake:RESCUING OBSERVATIONS PROJECT next week, will there be many followers?

Rescuing observations is a slightly masochistic exercise, but it is somehow rewarding. I hope the few will continue to support it - though the Weekly iFocus can lead to extended browsing as it is!

The :snowflake:RESCUING OBSERVATIONS PROJECT will return in the Spring

Just responding to get a reminder in due course :smiley:

No-one will miss it, I will make it an iCrusade in the Project’s Panel - already booked for 18th Feb…