Frost damage on plants

Turns out that this past week has been pretty bad for frost damage here in Milton Keyens and some other parts of UK:

no doubt other species also affected such as Phaseolus beans and tomatoes that were all out on various allotments

Excellent frost damage at Moelyci. Really knocked back the new bracken fronds.

Wondering whether these late frosts will become the new normal with the more variable and potentially much less strong influence from the north atlantic drift due to the melting of the northern ice.

In the Milton Keynes case there were 3 frosts during the week, the first one also had a strong wind with it which is very unusual as the wind usually keeps temperature up slightly.

Runner beans as we have not had any yet in this thread.

There is now a ‘frost damage’ tag and project to collect suitable observations together

Some of the areas just outside Milton Keynes were even more badly affected, frost certainly looks to be an excellent control for bracken

I was thinking that Cheshire wasn’t affected by the frost (chilling winds?), but I’ve been seeing some damaged bracken since, and finally a sweet chestnut with badly affected leaves. There was also an odd looking comfrey (no/minimal leaf decurrence) with the flowers aborted, but that might have a different cause - there were plants in the vicinity showing weedkiller damage.

The comfrey on our allotments were not damaged by frost.

The comfrey on my allotment was fine however a sage plant next to it aborted most of its flowers.

Sometimes frost can change trees for the long term like this one that was damaged a couple of years ago.

this is not frost damage but it shows why some conifers don’t like the real north Pinus contorta.
Wind burn?

Have you checked it is not Dothistroma septosporum or Mycosphaerella pini Perhaps more likely salt burn

I had not, but will. Thanks. If it looks like it (it looks like it) I will add an observation.