Fungi: Clavulinopsis identification

Can anyone recommend literature for identifying British Clavulinopsis, please? Is helveola the only yellow one with warty spores?

John Bratton

I can’t help John. But I think you’d be better adding an Ob. (if you have a pic - though any pic would do) in the normal way and asking there, as there are not many people subscribing to the Forum.
Nice treatise here
PDFs here

I don’t have a photo to post. In the Good Old Days we had a fungus forum and such questions would have got an answer and maybe a link to a pdf. Or am I imagining that?

Buczacki thinks it is, though C laeticolor has irregularly subspherical spores. Looking at the checklist, there don’t seem to be any obscure species to worry about. Could I ask how you get spores from these? I have specimens about 1mm diameter (and rather short as I didn’t notice them until I’d mowed the lawn!) which dry up in no time.

Thanks. I just left it lying on a microscope slide overnight and the spores were abundant, but my specimen was probably more mature. It was thicker than 1 mm.


Though not much thicker - I measured it last night at around 1.1 mm. But it has been drying since 15 Sept so may have been thicker when fresh.

There is a key to Clavulinopsis towards the end of this pdf. from the BMS website -

Thanks very much. I’ve downloaded it. There is a Clavulina key there too, which I was also looking for.