Geissorhiza and Hesperantha Plants to confuse the Novice

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Never mind the spelling of the names - I can see why one frequently encounters the caption ‘Pretty Flower’ on sites like Facebook.
But think you’ll find these two species quite interesting, and hoping I’ve got my ID’s correct:
Hesperantha the leaves are sometimes falcate


I’m busy sorting out and adding more ZA observations so may be sharing other confusing species.
Let me know if interested and I’ll link them here.
Reminder that I’m not an expert and may not always be correct - that’s why I’m providing the links.

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Such beauties and yes, similar! I can’t delve deeper into these at the moment but I think it wonderful that you have such a rich ‘back catalogue’ to explore.

Today I have been trying to sort out another Geissorhiza. They are so similar, one wonders how the early botanists were able to spot the differences. But then maybe they were experts only in this field -
See tag myGeissorhiza - also note that many are only found following a fire in the veld.