Giant Squid washed up at Kommetjie

Following up on this You may know @dejayM about the Kraken -

My sea-captain friend gave me the name.
He wrote “Jules Verne’s kraken is or was alive and well off the Cape Peninsular. Sperm whales are said to have done battle in the great depths of the sea, with Kraken who have left their marks in the form of vast sucker scars.”

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The reports of your stranded squid are online in several ‘ newspapers’. The following is a time line and maybe of interest. It has the earliest known photo.

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Thanks Jo - I was so sad to see that the people of Cape Town had no idea of its scientific value and were happy to loot it until what remained was only fit to throw back into the sea.
That beach is most likely part of the Table Mountain National Park - so where were the Parks Board officials?