Gladiolus vigilans Tony do you remember?

We had quite a lot of interactions about this - but going back to the posts now has me quite confused.
I seem to have the second image attached to the first observation

but the comments are all at

where there is no second image.
I’m happy to add more pics now, but just wanted to see if you remember.
BUT This really bothers me - see my picture here with my name removed

Marland: you know I am gone. I am sorry iSpot has lost your picture. You will need to read Pininterests terms and conditions and request that they remove your photos. I think iNaturalist handles copyright far superior to iSpot: have a look. But in both cases it is your job to chase your own pictures and manage them.

Your issue may be with Patricia Törngren who should be easy to track down
Simply ask for the Pic to be removed, they usually comply. I has happens to me.
She will deny cropping the pic of course. there is route here to report it, next to Send "This is my intellectual property"
In the longer run you might consider putting your copyright much nearer the subject but in less bold script (so that it doesn’t ‘spoil’ the pic.)

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Not quite gone - but thanks for replying.
No problem about the pictures - I still have all of them - But I was asking if you remember how it was that you changed your mind about the ID; looks as if I put the other one with the previous date.
You or Gigi may want to get there in the flowering season to get shots for your new community.

Please read your email and respond.

OK - but it may take a while - your email goes to an old computer.