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Wondering if anyone could contribute here:

This may have been overlooked when things were a bit unsettled Added 25 March 2018
Sarah Mak (plasmak) is still active on iSpot - seen last night.
I’ve asked Gaby if she may be able to advise.

I see this one is now named, I had seen it at the time and has got as far as Ascomycota but that is a huge group (not much better than saying fungi) so was hoping someone might be able to go further than just sticking this very high level ID in.

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Just to remind anyone and everyone that Global is almost completely and constantly ignored by UK Community users.
It is VERY difficult (I find it difficult) to get INTO the TRUE Global Community and browse the (non UK, ZA, Chile, HK) posts.
I feel there should be a panel on the Home Page that shows recent Global Posts with a direct link to the TRUE Global Community.
See item 5 here Improvements requested
These are not TRUE Global Community Observations

A current Global Observations Carousel on the Home page. Perhaps including Hong Kong, Chile and Southern Africa, just Global NON-UK