Global Observations

Sometimes when you have a moment to spare, follow up on a Global Observation or two.
There are plenty to choose from and many linger in the Help Carousel.
Mike’s Global Plants project is worthy, we can empty it in a couple of days, can’t we?
Here’s one, of 12, I did earlier - a kind of no-brainer…

Is it possible to have a Global Community - one free from UK, HK, Chile and Southern Africa?
You know, a rest-of-the-World-Community?
Have you looked in the Global latest observations recently
Does it look familiar?

I’ve looked and/or commented on quite a few this evening - this one is a problem (and his Fungi) - more than one species here - so hoping there will be a response with individual posts.

Down by a long way but still a long way to go
I found this, thought you’d (all) like to see the seeds
It’s such a shame that posts like this sink without trace


Rather than do a quiz this week, why not get some sun on your back in Madeira? Over 300 Observations without a Likely ID.
Start here

I have CHANGED this project to Tasmania.
The second of my Monthly Promotional Projects - new one in February
Is this a good idea? WHAT Organism, Location or User do you think deserves coverage like this?
Mail me if you prefer [email protected]
Picture by Nev Wright

(no response) I worthless Idea then?
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I have updated the european plants project to just be until 2015 so it is easier to deal with the very old observations, most of which should not be there as they are lichens or have no photo. Once these dealt with I will move on to later years.

This one?
or another?
You need to broadcast it.
Maybe form it again? You will lose all the comments but it will be in the Recent Project list for a while…
i have deleted two of my old projects this morning - ones without responses except a few visits, ones created for the Community, not me.
There are LOADS of projects that need deleting…or forming again to keep then dynamic

Got rid of loads of the ealier observations in the project myself so now up to 5/2015 but after that date there are loads more observations some of which are very nice so want to stick at this date for a while and get rid of the rest of these early ones if possible.
there are a lot of comments and it is awkward to draw the polygon so resisting forming a new project for the moment

Have now changed date to After 7/12/2015 and this shows just 84 recent observations to be tackled. After doing a load of these then will set to earlier date again but the earlier section contains a very large number from Tony, I had spent weeks on these the other year and many of them are difficult or impossible but some are doable. We might bring in some Spanish plant people so they may become more doable in future.

Sideritis romana posts
From Search there are two listed:

Each appears as other obs to the other.

There are two other posts of this species:

Again each appears as other obs to the other.

However, shouldn’t all four be registered together?
Just wondering…


Interesting BUT
161592 is a UKSI Version of Global - pre Jul 2013
99178 is the same
230353 is a Col Global formed after Jul 2013
497118 is the same
So, two of those are shown in the Other Observations in GLOBAL and
two are shown in Other Observation of the UK&I Community
You can see the difference in the ID Panels - some have three external links - NBN etc.
The other have only two - no NBN

Only last week I investigated iSpexit in detail and wrote about the Community Crisis in 2013. For some stupid reason reason I cannot find it**. .I should because you won’t be the only one to ask about iSpot’s Brexit in 2013

**but see my comment in
I think I need to write it up, you won’t be the last to ask this.

I don’t understand.
These 4 posts are from Sardinia, Italy , Croatia and Crete. How can they be UK & Ireland? They are all headed Global on their pages.
In any case, I hope MikeD can wave his magic wand and concatenate them.

2 of these Global posts (Outside UK) are using the UKSI Dictionary. Prior to precisely 21st November 2013 all EU Observations were using the UKSI. After which all ‘overseas observations’ (outside the jolly UK) were banished to be NON UK ones. The Channel Isles, the Isle of Man were also banished to the CoL.and Global on that date
Observations from the Isles and anywhere OTHER than the UK (and Eire for some reason) were to be excluded from the Current Carousel. from then on (that morning) Global had its own community - non UK.
But don’t confuse Global with Australia or the USA, they are Global global. Chile and Hong Kong have their own Community but are in the Global community - get it? You may have to read that several times…even then…
There is another huge Community, the name slips my mind, but it uses the SANBI.

I have been asking for a while for signs of the discussions that must have taken place prior to November 2013. It happened just as I joined (you were here) but I can find no evidence, which might have been in the Forum of the day.
I THINK there were complaints that overseas observations, those mostly by holiday-makers, were cluttering up the Carousels “how can we be expected to agree to strange fleas in Sardinia?”.

The long and short of it is that two of ‘your’ posts above are in still the UK Community (using the UKSI) and ARE seen in Other Observations there; BUT they are the only two, as Sideritis romana does not occur in the UK - that’s straightforward…isn’t it?
Personally, I’d not like to see those posts reconfigured, without them and a few others, this (tedious, sorry) story would have no meaningful evidence.
A little more of the story is here

It seems to be becoming less fashionable again to follow Global Posting - which is almost impossible to Browse - yes?
Please find time -


There are a number of Invalid Observations that need attention. Anyone can help by correcting or reporting them - please?

Floundering in Slime Moulds today, I found this It is in Eire.
The Observation was made in 2011 when Eire was outside the UK Community, hence the first ID.
Helen’s (HB) correction actually changed not only the Group, (from Other Organism) but also the Community. It fits into the Community Mystery- see Global Observations
When ‘Europe’ the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles were banished from the UK Community in July 2013, Eire MUST have been brought FROM Global to the UK&I Community. I had assumed Eire was always part of the UK Community - not so.

Notice the Taxonomy trees
GLOBAL- Protozoa / Mycetozoa / Myxomycetes / Physarales / Didymiaceae / Mucilago
UKSI - Protozoa / Sarcomastigota / Amoebozoa / Myxogastrea / Physarida / Didymiaceae / Mucilago
SANBI - Protista / Amoebozoa / Myxogastria / Physarales / Didymiaceae / Mucilago

The taxonomy is a result of it being an ex-fungus. Physarales (plant) and Physarida (animal) are the same. Ditto Myxomycetes and Myxogastrea. Mycetozoa is a probably polyphyletic group consisting of the Amoebozoa which have the slime mould habit.

Eukaryota / Unikonta / Amoebozoa / Myxogastrea / …

Thanks for the plant/ animal basis for the slime mould nomenclature, Lavateraguy. Wikipedia seems to sum it up succinctly as “ an unsettled phylogeny because of conflicting molecular and developmental data. “