Going back in time -

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We had everyone involved - and were so pleased to know it was a liverwort Frullania and now wondering if we could find the full name.
I see there is a Frullania capensis

This is where it all began:

See the 27 comments - reads like a Who’s Who of SA botanists.
Prix found someone to provide an ID.
Following up:

Should we have known?

Remarkable, I’d have said it was a moss as there are a number of mosses in UK that look very much like this (but don’t have flowers of course).

I’ve just posted another plant that was remarkable at this location. Sorting pics of weekends at the tiny fishing village on the Langebaan Lagoon. Some have never been looked at since then.
Probably an area that should be monitored. Looks to me as if they are still building houses there and widening roads. So hope my vygie has survived.

Might depend on how much protection the national park gives. although I was at a nature reserve recently where there were military activities e.g. tanks etc moving about in the dunes but they have been doing that for perhaps 70 years and it is still very good for plants, possibly they maintain the right amount of disturbance to prevent dunes from going to forest.

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