Help! (And I promise not to complain about having to add padding characters... oh, dear)

Trying a dry run for my iFocus: I cannot persuade the “Filters” section to accept and retain a date range.
I’ve tried manually entering them, and scrolling through the calendars that appear. They seem to be there, but when I go to the confirmation page and update the project, they’re gone.
The clever money is on me doing something entirely un-clever. The question is, “what?”

Date filters in a Project or in the Explore Community Filter?
You MAY have them the wrong way 'round - from and to is sometimes confusing.
Try a quick reversal.

In the project. That sounds exactly the sort of daft thing I’d do. I’ll give a try later: thank you!

If this persists, let me know and I’ll look directly into the database tables to make sure they’re being stored against your Project. I’ll need the project ID which you’ll be able to see in the URL.

I have just run both a project and a Community filter without issues. I am hoping Amadan made a mistake.

Tried again, it seemed to work OK. Can’t figure out what I did differently, though. I’m sure it will be something embarrassingly silly.

Ditto, Help!
I’ve just tried a date filter run of my next iFocus, setting the start and end dates within the project. I’ve done it twice and it’s not working for me.
What can I try?

What exactly is happening - or isn’t? You’re trying to add a date range to a project but its not being saved? Or trying to filter the observations already assigned to the project?
Can you give me the name of the project?

Hi Chris - I have now sorted it. None of my previous projects have had a start and finish date , i.e. observations before a particular date. Under Edit Filters, I initially thought it was only necessary to complete the start and end date dropdowns. It wasn’t clear that I only needed to choose
2.Before (date)
Thanks for offering help but it’s not necessary now.

shall I add these to Making a Project and or the iFocus guide?

I think that would be a great idea, dejay :smiley:. I didn’t find the Filter by Date at all intuitive and thought afterwards that at the very least there should have been a red asterisk alert for the Date type should it be missed. J

You can actually type the dates and make minor adjustments to them just by altering one or more of the digits, but in general it is best to use the calendar as dejay suggests.

Now showing in the iFocus Guide and I may well add one more explanatory photo.
It is a very useful analysis tool