Help (and padding characters to appease the Gremlins)

I am wondering if I have done something bad.
I commented on two recent posts of fungi: a Dryads Saddle and a Purple Jellydisc. The observer posted IDs, but both had failed. I added my standard copy-and-paste comment, inviting revisions. My intention was to revisit them, and if they were still invalid, to revise them myself. But they seem to have vanished: my concern is that the user has taken offence and deleted them. Is there a way to find out?

I saw your comments so know the posts you mean. I think you’re right about them having been deleted. It’s possible the poster thought he/she was deleting the invalid identification panel and not the observation.

one way to be reasonably certain they have been deleted is to check our OWN Activity Tracker (not Changes), for that period and if there is no trace of your comments then the Obs have been deleted.
All linked traces disappear when an Ob. is deleted.

Oh damn: looks like I was right.

There is NO way your commenting-style would give cause for deletion! :herb: