HELP needed please

I’ve found that the Smithsonian Institute Botany Department has South African items in their collection.
Viewing them on line is amazing - I have just found Ursinia tenuifolia from Cape Point which I’d like to share on iSpot under comments.
Any suggestions as to how I should be doing this?
Collection: Barker, W. F.; 5902; South Africa; Near Klaasgasers [interpreted], Dist. Cape Peninsula
US Catalog No.: 2567498 Barcode: 01812611

Do we have a Forum topic which allows us to post “On-line Flora, Plant Collections and Herbaria”?
If not that could be a useful topic both for us to share our finds, such as this one from Marlandza, and also as reference for inserting into our comments on plant posts.

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Another find not in the Dictionary

From the Kew Bulletin - Googled this link

Hoping Jo will find a solution or anyone else
An old post that will be lost unless someone cares to trump Derek if able.

Everything was fine until someone changed the SA dictionary and insisted on an all-or-nothing approach -
So this, and I assume many of the older obs is/are ‘lost’.
I value Derek’s input, so am loth to delete and start again.
Any suggestions.
This might help


Would this and a number of other issues be sorted out if the ZA and global dictionaries were merged when eventually they are updated to the latest version that appears on GBIF ?

I don’t know Mike - I only find these when checking my old obs by date - Note: I always allow my searches to cover the previous day’s date - a bug that never changed.
I don’t know much about how dictionaries are constructed. But the early iSpot dictionary allowed the posts without vars and subs - I don’t even know when the dictionary was changed, but remember Tony telling us that there would be no problem.
You may know that I used Godlbaltt & Mannings 2000 version of Cape Plants and that the plant names were often changed as more studies were published. I see in the 2012 version they still don’t talk of vars, but I find the vars mentioned another way.


The REDLIST has it’s own problems and sometimes the link from iSpot no longer exists.

My observation of Crassula capensis here illustrates how complex things are

Red list - Not evaluated
Note the other links like Wikipedia and EOL wont link if we have a var. (although I never bother to check anymore).
This site also ignores var. capensis

Is there a solution? probably allow vars and subs but don’t make them compulsory.
Is that what the other dictionaries do?
BTW I’ve not mentioned Fungi and Lichens - and don’t know much about birds and animals and insects - guess they also have similar problems.
Thanks for your concern - M

I’ve put it to Favs. I will try to help over the weekend.

Thanks - and more to follow.
I’ve been sorting out other tiny Crassulas - sometimes I feel a quote coming on - ‘There is no solution, seek it lovingly,’
Take a look at this one -

I think Derek Tribble was correct - see the comments.
Does he still visit iSpot?
I’ve got quite a lot of similar obs that I may just post so others can compare.
We’re hoping for snow in London this weekend.