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HELP needed please

I’ve found that the Smithsonian Institute Botany Department has South African items in their collection.
Viewing them on line is amazing - I have just found Ursinia tenuifolia from Cape Point which I’d like to share on iSpot under comments.
Any suggestions as to how I should be doing this?
Collection: Barker, W. F.; 5902; South Africa; Near Klaasgasers [interpreted], Dist. Cape Peninsula
US Catalog No.: 2567498 Barcode: 01812611

Do we have a Forum topic which allows us to post “On-line Flora, Plant Collections and Herbaria”?
If not that could be a useful topic both for us to share our finds, such as this one from Marlandza, and also as reference for inserting into our comments on plant posts.

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Another find not in the Dictionary

From the Kew Bulletin - Googled this link