Help needed with Zimbabwe observation

An observation of a lizard from Zimbabwe needs a subspecies only shown in the GLOBAL dictionary.
The options are:
Subspecies Platysaurus intermedius intermedius MATSCHIE 1891
Platysaurus intermedius inopinus JACOBSEN 1994
Platysaurus intermedius natalensis FITZSIMONS 1948
Platysaurus intermedius nigrescens BROADLEY 1981
Platysaurus intermedius nyasae LOVERIDGE 1953
Platysaurus intermedius parvus BROADLEY 1976
Platysaurus intermedius rhodesianus FITZSIMONS 1941
Platysaurus intermedius subniger BROADLEY 1962
Platysaurus intermedius wilhelmi HEWITT 1909

Can someone advise how to change Communities without the need to start from scratch?
This would be a FIRST record for iSpot

Hi Marland,
Firstly, are you saying this lizard has to be subspp rhodesianus? The poster was advised it was sub spp intermedius. Are the populations so disjunct that it cannot be P. intermedius intermedius?
Secondly, I use the Communities tab on the front page to choose Global; or is that not an what you’re asking about?

Jo I’m guessing that the observer needed to select the subspecies from our drop down list. and that is all that is offered in the ZA community.
So if he needs to choose the one from Zim he needs to be starting from the Global Community which has that option.
We need his opinion - but I wanted to find out if it would be possible to change communities in an existing post

It is possible to use a dictionary from a differetn community, think Dejay has instructions how to do it. I am still not sure if this is a good idea or not as it may cause issues when dictionaries are updated, it may be fine but just not sure.

To add a Revised ID then the poster ( or anyone else) goes to the Communities tab and clicks, say Global in this case.
The screen returns to front page; I can always tell which community I’m in by the Top line of Carousel posts showing. The second row is my chosen default community.
Then click on post, Add Revised ID and choose from Dropdown menu.
As far as I know it has not messed anything up when I’ve done it.

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